Royal Ontario Museum: Manager's Advantage

Manager’s Advantage is a scheduling program I created in Visual Basic and Excel, and is used by the Royal Ontario Museum to match the needs of the employer with staff availability.

This sophisticated application includes the following features:

  • A detailed database of all staff including their availability, attendance, hours/shifts worked, positions staff are trained in, vacation/sick/lieu/personal days, overtime, statutory holidays worked and lunch breaks.
  • Organizes staff by contract status and defines properties for type of employee (e.g. full-time, part-time, seasonal). This information can then be used to create computer-generated schedules.
  • Alerts management when staff are double shifted, assigned to untrained shifts, overscheduled, underscheduled or scheduled on an unavailable day.
  • Organizes and tracks the hundreds of shift changes that are made each month, including the exact type of shift change that was made and when it was made.
  • Organizes scheduling information in a manner that is both intuitive and comprehensive to the user, with dozens of display options.
  • Produces reports for management that organizes data by day, week or month.
  • Keeps track of items, such as how many staff and shifts are available, or how many vacation days are being used on any given day or time period.
  • Can be used to calculate or confirm payroll amounts.
Manager's Advantage

My Role: Developer  |   Languages Used: Visual Basic