Languages: C# • HTML5 • CSS3 • JavaScript • PHP • MySQL • Java • Swift • Unity • HaXe • C++ • Visual Basic • AS3 • Assembly • ASP •

Software & Frameworks: iOS • Android • Bing Maps API • Facebook API • Google Maps API • Twitter API • OpenGL • phpMyAdmin • SVN & GIT • tvOS • Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate)


I first started playing games on a VIC-20, and it didn't take long before I was interested in creating them too, using machines such as the TRS-80, Apple IIe and MS-DOS operating system. Over the course of my career I've completed dozens of games in all kinds of different platforms and languages.

Being able to push hardware to it's limits is still very relevant today. Special care is taken in my work to ensure apps can run on older phones and tablets, to maximize the number of users they are available for.

My latest work has been in HTML5, Unity, Air and native iOS and Android.

Featured Projects

GAME: NBA 2 on 2 basketball

GAME: Sporting games in HTML5

GAME: Preschool mobile game for iOS and Android

GAME: Boxing game in HTML5

GAME: Transformers action games in HTML5.

GAME: Side scroller in HTML5

GAME: Preschool music game on TVO

GAME: 3D first person shooter on Teletoon

GAME: Sidekick turn-based shooter on YTV

GAME: Franklin racing game on Treehouse

GAME: Shooting game in HTML5

GAME: Puzzle game on Teletoon.

GAME: 3D first person shooter on Teletoon.

MOBILE: Game for Android.

GAME: Scaredy Squirrel action game on YTV

GAME: Strategy game on Teletoon.

GAME: Strategy game on YTV

GAME: Educational math game on TVO

GAME: Musical game on Treehouse

GAME: Chain reaction game on YTV

GAME: Reaction game on Treehouse

GAME: Aiming game on Teletoon

GAME: Strategy game on YTV

GAME: Matching engine on Teletoon

GAME: Role Playing on MS-DOS.